Power Wash Services

Power Wash Services

Dirt can quickly build up in and around your home, and it’s not until it becomes almost impossible to remove that you might notice you have a problem. Concrete, brickwork, wood and timber, entranceways, outbuildings, even basements can benefit from power washing.

Power washing using a strong jet of water to remove ground-in and thick dirt, revealing the actual color and nature of what lies underneath.

How Can You Benefit from our service?

Trusted Home Experts’ offers an excellent power wash service to make your home look great. As the build-up can be gradual, it is not until you see the difference between an area that has been power washed and an untreated area that you’ll truly appreciate the difference.

A complete power wash makes your home look better and lets people know that you care, but it can also prepare surfaces for painting, varnishing, or coating with a protective seal to make them last longer.

Simply put, a power wash cleans up your home and makes it last longer.

Washington, DC Maryland and Virginia Power Wash Service

A power wash can be completed with water under varying degrees of pressure and at a different temperature, with or without added cleaners. We provide our power wash service to Washington DC locations, along with Fairfax, Manassas, Alexandria, and Arlington in Virginia, and Potomac, Montgomery County Maryland, and many other cities in Maryland.

We use state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment that lets us choose the right pressure for cleaning your home’s exterior. Our crew decides how much pressure to use based on factors like whether you have brick or vinyl siding on your house.

For difficult jobs, we can apply a non-toxic detergent that will not hurt your family, pets, or plants. It loosens stubborn dirt and mildew so we can blast it away with low pressure.

You will not believe how amazing your home looks after a professional house washing from Trusted Home Experts.


Contact us today to get a free quote. We will call you promptly to give you your price quote, get details about your home washing project, and schedule a date and time that’s convenient for you.

Trusted Home Experts is a fully insured, licensed company that has years of experience washing houses in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Do not risk damage to your home by hiring a less-experienced company that doesn’t carry commercial insurance.

We take our job seriously because we know how much your home’s beauty matters to you!

Power Washing Demonstration , Washington DC Metro Area

Trusted Home Experts' Power Wash Services

If you have an area or building that would benefit from a power wash, let us know. We’re happy to work on all kinds of structures and many different kinds of building materials. A power wash can clean up your gutters and make your steps safer, so there are many reasons to have it done in addition to cleanliness.

Call us today to get an estimate – you can reach us at 240-516-8184. If you prefer, you can contact us through the form on this website. In either case, let us power wash your property and get all the benefits you can from it.