Computer Repair FAQs

While Trusted Home Experts provides on-site and remote help, these are often utilized for more regular repairs and check-ups and are priced on an hourly basis. More complex services, such as virus and malware removal, operating system repairs, and hardware upgrades, need more time and more regulated processes in controlled conditions, including, most importantly, backup and data protection for your machine. Most off-site repairs are conducted at a flat rate fee, making them more inexpensive for the client and allowing us to provide a lot more comprehensive and thorough service.

The majority of fixes take 2-3 days to complete. In certain cases, such as when components must be ordered, repairs may take longer. Trusted Home Experts attempts to utilize only high-quality, frequently original equipment replacement components, rather than cheap, knock-off, poor-quality parts that will fail in a short period of time. These components are not always easily accessible, particularly for older systems, so locating the appropriate replacement parts may take some effort.

This is difficult to respond until we have had an opportunity to properly assess the problems you are experiencing with your computer and what it will take to restore it to full functioning condition. When we schedule your free initial consultation, we will ask you about the problems you are currently experiencing with your computer and what you expect to happen, then make an initial assessment of what needs to be done to ensure your computer performs as you expect it to and provide you with an estimate of the repair cost. The final invoice may be somewhat higher owing to unanticipated complications that arise during repairs on rare occasions, however Trusted Home Experts will always contact you to approve the extra expenses before to conducting the additional work. The majority of repairs are covered by our normal $129.00 flat rate service cost, plus any extra parts or services needed.

The free first session includes determining the best solutions for you and your computing requirements. Sometimes upgrading to a new computer system is the best decision for you, and Trusted Home Experts will be there to assist you in making that upgrade process as pleasant as possible.

At Trusted Home Experts, the security of your data is our first concern. Trusted Home Experts always starts every service with a thorough backup of your system and data, as long as your hard drive and data integrity are still in excellent health. If there is an issue with the data on your system, we will tell you and discuss your choices moving forward.

Every day, more than 150,000 new types of viruses and malware are produced. The most typical methods they enter your system are via software downloads from illicit download sites, weaknesses in your existing installed software, clicking on malicious links in emails, or visiting a hacked website, even if it is reputable and well-known.

The following are the greatest strategies to secure your computer:

  • Using an effective virus/malware protection solution
  • Run as a regular user rather than an administrator.
  • Finally, it boils down to how computer users behave when using the Internet.
  • Ascertain that you are protected by both a software and a hardware firewall.
  • Updating ALL of your installed applications
  • Never click on links in emails unless you are 100% certain you know where the message came from.

We all prefer it when things are free, don’t we? ‘You get what you pay for,’ as the phrase goes. While no anti-virus solution can provide a 100 percent guarantee, the present state of virus and malware assaults on today’s computer systems leads Trusted Home Experts to no longer suggest any of the free anti-virus programs now available. They just do not provide the same level of security as premium solutions. When you pay for your anti-virus software, you receive significantly superior protection than any of the free options. Trusted Home Experts has put together a complete bundle of various items that, when paired with the other actions outlined in a previous question, we believe provides the greatest security for your computer system.

It’s all too simple to hurry down to the shop, grab the cheapest computer on the shelf, and declare, “This is all I need for what I do on my computer.” I can practically promise you will be dissatisfied with the performance of your system within a few months. Contact Trusted Home Experts to book a free consultation, and we will assist you in determining which computer is most suited to your requirements.

Absolutely. Trusted Home Experts will hand-assemble and set up a fresh new system for you, using only the best quality hand-picked parts and components. Contact Trusted Home Experts for more information and a free consultation to get started on your unique home today.

Trusted Home Experts does not currently repair mobile devices. We can, however, assist you with configuring your mobile devices and learning the fundamentals of most mobile products. If you need a mobile device repaired, we can assist you in locating a repair provider that meets your requirements.

All you need to bring in for desktop computers is the tower and any CDs you may discover that relate to it (cables, monitors, keyboards, and mice are not needed).


Please bring the charger for your laptop as well as any CDs you can locate. We don’t need your laptop cover.


Also, if you have an issue with a particular gadget (for example, your computer speakers aren’t functioning), please bring it in.

If you bring your computer to our store, we will do a free basic diagnostic! We set up your computer in front of you, and our doctors examine your concerns as best they can on the moment. In rare circumstances, we may ask you to drop off your computer and then phone you with a diagnostic.


If your problem does not fall within our free basic diagnosis, we will notify you and will try our best to provide you an estimate of the diagnostic costs up advance.

Without a doubt! We specialize in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises with all of their IT requirements. If you are relocating into a new workplace, we can handle everything from the ground up (running network cables and more), or we can manage your present PCs and network.

Yes, we provide full-service laptop repair. We can repair a loose laptop power jack, replace dead laptop displays, and replace damaged hinges, as well as order any components (such as batteries, chargers, and so on) that you may need.

We can send a medic to your house or office to repair any concerns you may be experiencing. We only ask that you make an appointment as long in advance as possible.

The computers that arrive in our operating room are worked on in a “first come, first served” manner. We provide Emergency Rush Service for an extra cost if your problem demands quick care. This service allows you to “cut the line” and we will work quickly to repair your computer.

Sure! When you bring your computer to our office, we set it up in front of you and go through any problems we find. This allows you to explain the computer issues in the most accurate manner possible.

This is a frequently requested question here at Trusted Home Experts. If you want to keep track of who is using your computer, we have some incredible unique software that enables the owner to view what the user is doing with their computer. It keeps track of chat chats, emails, websites visited, and even screen grabs. All of this is absolutely invisible to the computer user and may be seen from any other computer connected to the internet.


We also provide investigative services to customers who did not have this software installed and are curious about what other people are doing on their computers.

Yes, we can recover erased data in many circumstances in-house, and if we can’t, we can direct you to a data recovery professional. If you find yourself in this situation, we strongly advise you to turn off your computer immediately. The longer you use the computer after deleting the data, the more difficult it gets and the less likely we are to obtain the desired objectives. Again, stop using the computer immediately and bring it to our store for the highest recovery prospects.

We will always collaborate with you to ensure that you are happy with our work. If you have any questions or issues about a service, our customer care staff is here to ensure that you are satisfied. Please keep in mind that computers are fickle, and that certain issues may reoccur, although not always as a result of bad service from us. Some systems, for example, get reinfected with the same virus or spyware if a user performs the identical acts that infected the system in the first place. If you get service and are dissatisfied with the outcomes, we will work with you to finish the task to your satisfaction.

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