Handyman FAQs

A handyman (worker) is a person who is competent in conducting a variety of maintenance projects around the house. They work on indoor and outdoor tasks such as plumbing repair, lighting installation, and repair and maintenance. A handyman does not specialize in a certain profession, but they do have a wide range of trade abilities. In most areas, handymen are hired workers, although the phrase sometimes refers to unpaid activities, fixer-upper projects, or do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

In most areas, the average hourly pricing for hiring a handyman in 2020 was from $60 to $65/hour. Jobs that take one to two hours to accomplish range in price from $75 to $155 per hour. Handymen who charge a fixed hourly fee for projects that take four hours or more to accomplish earn a base cost of $300. Furthermore, charges vary depending on the kind of project, expertise, the difficulty of the task, area (city/state), and other aspects.

Not all handymen are the same. What chores you should engage a handyman for will be determined by the skill sets he or she has. A handyman will most likely conduct the following services. A handyman can do minor plumbing repairs such as correcting a tiny leak. A handyman would often work on chores such as caulking doors/windows, drywall repair, replacing broken deck boards, and gutter cleaning and upkeep. Touch-ups, regular home repairs, and painting are other services that handymen may do. Hiring an expert for extensive repairs is a good idea.


*If an inspection is required, you should employ a professional rather than a handyman (unless they are licensed/insured). Handyman professionals will notify you if their services go beyond simple maintenance and little installations. Major repairs (such as siding, new installation, new windows, electric, and so on) should be performed by a licensed specialist.

No, technically. A handyman is not needed to carry insurance since, in most circumstances, they are doing minor DIY tasks that do not necessitate a license. A handyman, on the other hand, cannot charge more than $500 to accomplish a project in certain areas, such as California. If they do, they’ll require a general contractor’s license, after which they’ll need to get insurance. Although it is not needed by law, it is prudent to invest in general liability, worker’s compensation, loss (equipment), and claims stemming from damage/loss coverage at the very least.

Tipping is not anticipated, and it is not included in your bill. Most handymen will charge an hourly fee to cover their time, labor, and materials needed on the task. Some service providers believe that tipping should not be acceptable in their business. Others see it as a way of expressing “thank you” for their efforts. Tipping may be suitable for bigger operations depending on the intricacy of the work and the effort involved, but it is not anticipated.

Certain tasks may need a permit whether you are planning a do-it-yourself project or hire a handyman or contractor to work on your home. Installing or repairing fence, constructing a retaining wall (structural beam/support) to your land, roofing work, or adding electrical outlets to your house are all home modifications that need a permit. A permit is also required for the installation of new windows and doors, easement work, shed erection, and soil grading.

Changes made to your house are recorded with the government; if the changes/work are significant, you may be required to get a permission to finish those tasks. In most cases, structural work on your home needs a permit. Permits are required for work on decks, patios, balconies, or roofs. A permit is also required for electrical work and rewiring. Any plumbing or mechanical work done in your house will need the acquisition of a permit prior to the completion of these tasks.

Several factors influence whether a handyman can do plumbing repair. In certain areas, handymen are not permitted to do plumbing work; only licensed and qualified plumbers are permitted to provide these services. In certain states, handymen are allowed to make simple plumbing repairs. A plumbing license is necessary in 46 of the 50 US states, therefore in most areas, handymen won’t be allowed to undertake plumbing services in your house (legally) unless they’re licensed plumbers. Aside from the standard fittings, leaks, and washers.

Similarly to plumbing, handymen may only undertake electrical work if they are licensed to do so. Aside from the fundamental switches and fixture installation, state licensing is almost certainly necessary. Licensed handymen will usually carry their license with them. Even if they are licensed, you should not depend on them to handle significant electrical repair or installation unless they are a master handyman. A professional handyman can help you with routine repairs, rewiring, and minor electrical difficulties. Hire a professional electrician instead for bigger, more sophisticated work.

The ever-popular response… it depends! Handymen make between $35,000 and $38,000 per year as a typical, basic income. However, these earnings vary widely depending on expertise, the sort of work performed, whether or not a handyman is licensed/certified, and the locality. The most important element influencing income is location. Handymen make slightly more than $46,000 on average in the District of Columbia (the highest wage), while handymen in Texas earn slightly less than $32,000 each year.

Estimates over the phone and by email are free. If you need a quotation in person, there is a travel fee that, depending on the final cost of the project, we will reimburse in your final invoice if the work bid is authorized (only projects $500 and above).

We do have availability on weekdays and Saturdays, excluding Sundays, and we include big holidays (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day) at the moment. We are also open on most bank holidays.

For most projects, we charge by the job, not by the hour. When we estimate jobs, we provide pricing estimates or a range of labor costs for the whole project or assignment. We charge by the task as a benefit to our customers, so that if a project takes longer than planned, the client will only be charged the predicted amount. Furniture assembly, electrical troubleshooting and repair, and drywall and paint touch-ups around the property are all billed by the hour.

We recommend that you buy some of the things required for a project in certain situations. Light fixtures, faucets, toilets, shelving, ceiling fans, tiling, laminate flooring, and other items that our customers like or prefer. Other products, such as drywall (and other relevant materials connected to drywall repairs), wiring, cables, junction boxes, and other particular repair components, are best acquired by us to ensure that we receive the right ones. Although, in certain cases, we may provide our clients with a “shopping list” so that they can obtain all of the materials and pieces. We provide Trusted Home Experts services for products required to finish projects (for a small fee). Furthermore, any materials we buy will be marked up 50% (most firms markup 200-300%) to account for taxes and Trusted Home Experts, which is why we encourage that consumers purchase higher-priced items like as doors, windows, and paint (in big amounts -5 gallons or more) to save money.

We accept cash, check, credit or debit card deposits, and direct ACH transfers.

Payment for services given is unfortunately payable upon receipt of the final invoice. We do not accept NET15, 30, or 45 terms, and any unpaid bills beyond 30 days will incur a 10% late charge (and every 30 days after that).

To secure your house in the unusual case of an accident, we are fully insured with general liability insurance. Our staff are also covered by a worker’s compensation coverage, which protects them both on the job site and on the road.

It is not strictly required, however we like to have someone over the age of 18 in the house. You may have us obtain access to your property and lock it when we depart. If you live out of state, we may send you images of the finished project, which will be forwarded to you along with the invoice. We handle your house with the greatest care and respect. The only thing we ask is that you leave payment arrangements if you are paying by check, or that we send you an invoice (due upon receipt) after the office has the information from the handyman.

We are open for appointments, schedules, and emails every Monday to Saturday at 9AM – 5PM, we are closed on Sundays.

We provide drywall repairs, painting, plumbing, electrical, minor remodeling, and other services. On our Home Repair Services page, you may find a more thorough description of the services we provide. If we do not provide a certain service, please see our suggestions for referrals. We do not deal with gas, roofs, or repairs that are more than 21 feet high due to insurance liability concerns. Please realize that this does not imply that we do not complete the job for you, but that if something were to happen to our handymen, they would be uninsured. Again, if we do not provide certain services, we may direct you to someone who does. We are familiar with the businesses to which we suggest you, but we are not associated with them.

We only demand a deposit for expensive materials (special orders for doors, windows, flooring, paint, and other items) if the cost exceeds $100. Any refunds would be subject to a restocking charge based on the cost of the components or materials. Such matters will be addressed with us.

Yes. We have developed a seamless and fast method that will enable us to provide you with an estimate even while we are on the road or away from the office.

Yes. We do demand a minimum of $150 for every repair call, which does not include the cost of supplies.

It is conditional. Depending on the intricacy of the job, our normal repairs take between 1 and 5 days. Our purpose and mission is to return you to your home or place of work as quickly as possible.

We can usually arrive to your house or place of business within 1-5 business days.

Your own personal project manager will be assigned to you. They will be your primary point of contact during the process.

Yes. Trusted Home Experts guarantees all labor and craftsmanship on all repairs for one year from the date of the final invoice. We stand by the quality of our work and have a 5-star rating to prove it.

Yes. We have the necessary licenses and insurance.

We do, indeed. To deliver these services, we collaborate with our fully certified and insured mechanical teams. We’ve done the legwork and researched the best in the region so you don’t have to.

A Trusted House Experts Craftsman will come at your home dressed in a uniform and armed with his own tools. Franchise owners meticulously vet each of their workers to guarantee that you can trust the individual who enters your house. Furthermore, all of our Craftsmen are licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as competent and experienced in many aspects of your home improvement tasks. We will be on time and prepared to work!

Trusted Home Experts charges based on time and supplies. You are only charged for the time spent working and the items bought. Though most businesses do not permit it, Trusted Home Experts will advise you on materials to purchase and assist you in creating a shopping list so you may purchase your materials without having to pay us for shopping time or warranty markup (or supplies) required for your job.


The benefit of this strategy is that it is the least expensive (estimates are always generated at a higher hourly rate) and quickest way to complete a large number of small to medium-sized tasks. It is also simple to add to your to-do list without breaking any obligations. The drawback is that you don’t have a definite pricing upfront, just an estimated time period.


However, if you give us a call, we can give you an estimate of how long your work will take.

Scheduling an appointment with Trusted Home Experts is simple; just locate the closest location and call their local customer service representative through one of three methods:


  • Call our office.
  • Book your appointment with the Trusted Home Experts Online Appointment System.
  • Complete the form on our site.


In most cases, we can have most projects scheduled within 2-3 days after receiving your contact!

When your Craftsman arrives to your house, he or she may present you with a list of items that you can acquire on your own. Alternatively, our expert Craftsmen may make material purchases on your behalf.

Yes! We leave the decision to you! You choose the paint colors or the color of the material. You may even choose the manufacturer if you like. You may also delegate the manufacturer selection to us. We exclusively work with high-quality manufacturers.

All of our technicians are subjected to a rigorous screening procedure. Our Tier 1 technicians have at least ten years of expertise and their own hand tools. We understand that trust is important when having someone come into your home or company, therefore we make ensure that all of our techs are on time, clean, and professional!

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