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Trusted Home Experts are the best for Derwood MD Appliance Repair Service and  Derwood MD Appliance Installation Service, and we work on all kinds of major appliances like air conditioners, clothes dryers, washers, drying cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines, trash compactors, ice maker, microwave ovens, induction cookers, other kitchen appliances, and many other household appliances.

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Why You Need Appliance Repair or Appliance Installation?

We’re at home in Your Kitchen, Your Laundry Room, Your Backyard, and Your Bathroom. We are there when you need us.

From home appliances, major appliance brands, and residential appliance repair, you can trust our experts with your appliance, washer, and dryer, and other appliance repair needs. We even install your refrigerator and microwave, and we even repair them.

Our skilled technicians do more than just home appliance repair; we go above and beyond to deliver a great service being your Quality Derwood MD Appliance Repair Service. At Trusted Home Experts, we repair and install all major appliances. Our certified technicians are experts at repairing and installing all types of washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwaves, ovens, garbage disposals, wine coolers, and more in the whole Derwood Metro.

Almost all homeowners in the Derwood MD Area depend on their appliances to help save time and effort when preparing food, washing clothes, cleaning the house, and so forth. But, even the best appliances can break down or even stop working completely. This is when you need our appliance repair or other appliance repair service for fixing your appliances or installing new appliances in your home in Washinton DC.

You can trust our service technicians in Derwood Metro to come to your aid and provide exceptional household appliance repair service. We take full responsibility for your appliance repairs and installation, and we assure you that your appliances will be fixed or replaced in a timely manner.

Every appliance has a problem, sometimes it happens with everyday use, time and technology changes with popular appliances there comes a time when something is not functioning properly, you might have purchased an appliance then afterward comes the time you need repair. service on appliances is in high demand and with quality, appliances come quality service in Derwood City.

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Appliance Repair Experts.

Other Major Reasons why you would need an Appliance Repair or Installation in Derwood MD would be:

As appliances become older, they become less efficient due to normal wear and tear. It costs more money to run an appliance that is less efficient. An appliance repair firm may identify little issues that can have a big influence on our productivity if we have regular maintenance. Checking and cleaning the filters in air conditioners and dryers, for example, may help with airflow.

Appliances that are overworked will cost more money and energy to maintain. Energy bills are a clear indicator that one or more appliances in your house need to be repaired or maintained. Your appliances’ efficiency might be significantly impacted by normal wear-and-tear. Common causes include clogged filters and blocked ducts or tubes. Keep your energy costs low by having tune-ups and basic appliance maintenance performed often. This will help your equipment work more effectively.

Your appliances will last longer if you keep them in good working order. In addition to wasting a lot of energy, unmaintained appliances also wear down more quickly. Your dryer is working harder and hotter than it should because of a clogged vent, which may lead to premature failure. Your appliances’ owner’s manuals include instructions on how to properly maintain them. Doing so will extend their lifespan.

Keep your house and property secure by maintaining your appliances. If your dishwasher isn’t emptying properly, you might end up with a flooded kitchen. The whole family may get ill if your refrigerator is running too hot. Having a dryer with a clogged vent might practically burn down your home! To avoid appliance-related property damage, it is important to keep your equipment in good working order.

Your appliances should be applauded if they help make your life operate more smoothly. An appliance breakdown has a domino effect on hectic schedules when it occurs. If your appliances aren’t working properly, or you just want to have them checked on a regular basis, call a qualified expert.

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We got you covered from Appliance Repairs, Appliance Installations, Appliance Maintenance, to Appliance Emergency Services!

What We at Trusted Home Experts Can Do For Your Appliance Problems.

We got you covered from Appliance Repairs, Appliance Installations, Appliance Maintenance, to Appliance Emergency Services all in Derwood MD!

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Superior Appliance Repair.

A broken appliance can drive you crazy. Your appliance may be broken in a variety of ways, requiring a variety of services to fix it. Don’t panic, just call Trusted Home Experts in Derwood MD. We’ll investigate the problem. We’ll fix it. You have choices, and many factors will influence which appliance service company you choose. We are the only name you need. We send a dependable, trustworthy, experienced, efficient technician to each home.

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Appliance Installation.

Why install heavy appliances by yourself when you’ve got us? Get the best appliance installation quality service with trusted Home Experts in Derwood MD. The pros at Trusted Home Experts have the experience, tools, and know-how to install any appliance. Appliance Installation Service is what we do best, and it’s what we do best because we care. We’re happy when our customers are happy.

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Appliance Maintenance.

Need to prolong the life of one of your appliances? Get a tune-up today. Our technicians can tune up your kitchen, laundry, and humidifier. We replace service parts such as air filters, coils, and hoses, as well as clean the appliance(s). Appliance Repair. Need to fix an appliance? Trusted Home Experts has experts standing by and ready to help. Our technicians in Derwood MD will check your appliance, diagnose the problem, and fix it. We can also give advice and tips to prevent future problems from arising with a free consultation.

Emergency Appliance Services.

Got an Emergency with one of your appliances? We provide emergency repair and installation for all major types of appliances to keep you up and running in Derwood MD. Whether it s your furnace, your washing machine, or your refrigerator, you’ll be able to rely on us to help you when you need it most and you can call us 24/7!

Types of Appliance Repair We Provide.

  • Air Conditioner Repair.
  • Cooktop Repair.
  • Dryer Repair.
  • Freezer Repair.
  • Gas Stove Repair.
  • Microwave Repair.
  • Oven Repair.
  • Range hood Repair.
  • Refrigerator Repair.
  • Small Appliance Repair.
  • TV Repair.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Repair.
  • Washer Repair.
  • Washing Machine Repair.

Types of Appliance Installation We Provide.

  • Air Conditioner Installation.
  • Cooktop Installation.
  • Dryer Installation.
  • Dryer Vent Installation.
  • Freezer Installation.
  • Gas Stove Installation.
  • Microwave Installation.
  • Oven Installation.
  • Over The Range Microwave Installation.
  • Range Hood Installation.
  • Refrigerator Installation.
  • Small Appliance Installation.
  • TV Installation.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Installation.
  • Washer Installation.
  • Washing Machine Installation.
  • Window Air Conditioner Installation.

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Old Units Repair and Maintenance.

It doesn't matter if your appliances are old, with our repair and maintenance we can make it good as new.

New units & installation.

Whether you're replacing a new Appliance you have or upgrading your home with a new feature, we can help.


Give your Appliances some Love and our team will help them run as well as new.

Flexible Scheduling.

You can book, change or cancel your Appliance repair appointment at any time online or over the phone with our schedule service.

Appointment Updates.

We'll update you about your appliance repair appointment via text, email or phone whichever you prefer.

Protection Plans.

Protect all your home's appliances and systems. Ask your tech how you can save with a Home Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Appliance Problems.

  • Stove / Ovens: $250 – $300 USD.
  • Refrigerators: $350-$400 USD.
  • Microwaves: $250 – $300 USD.
  • Dryers: $280 – $350.
  • Washers: $370 – $420 USD.

Prices DOES NOT include the parts needed to perform the repair.

  • Washer and Dryer: $250 USD. If additional parts are needed, additional funds will be requested.
  • Refrigerator: $190 USD. This will include using the existing water line that was used from the old unit. New water lines will require additional funds, as additional plumbing work will be required.
  • Electric Freestanding Stove / Oven: $180 USD. If electrical outlet is malfunctioning or if an additional power cord is needed, additional funds will be requested.
  • Gas Stove Connection: $250 USD. If new flex line is needed to make gas stove work, additional funds will be collected.

Lumber, steel, and other raw materials aren’t like consumer items in that they don’t have a fixed price. They are more prone to swings in price because of the erratic nature of supply and demand in these markets. As a result, it is difficult to determine precisely when to acquire these products – that is why the overall price variation of appliances differ depending on base material use.

It all depends on what you’re looking for. The appliance should be thoroughly inspected to see whether it would be more cost-effective to mend it or purchase a new one. To save money and the environment, many people choose to repair rather than replace a working appliance like a washing machine or refrigerator. Whenever you need help with your appliance, our experts are here to help.

To save money, you should replace rather than repair an item that has more than 50% of its life expectancy and costs more than half as much as a new one.

When it comes to taxes, you can’t deduct the cost of home repairs if your house is your primary residence. It’s not going to be possible for you to get a refund if your furnace breaks down and you require costly repair service. There is a silver lining, though. A deduction for home upgrades is allowed.