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Trusted Home Experts provides the best garbage disposal repairs and garbage disposal installation service in Bethesda MD for all your garbage disposal and plumbing services needs by being the most affordable option without compromising quality work on all types of garbage disposals, including servicing batch feed disposal and continuous feed disposal.

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Why You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Service?

If you are having trouble with your garbage disposal in your home in Bethesda MD, look no further. Whether your disposal is jammed with hardened food like egg shells and hard banana peels or it is Leaking or leaking everywhere, we are ready to help. Our reliable garbage disposal repair & installation will save your time and money.

Experiencing Clogs and Jams?

Do you keep an eye on what goes down the drain every day? When you have a lot of food waste in your sink drain at one time, it might block your trash disposal or get stuck in the blades giving you a clogged drain.

Working with a Faulty Garbage Disposal Motor?

Is your garbage disposal’s motor not working? In the event that this occurs, the device will either cease working or not switch on at all. Keep in mind that your garbage disposal can only handle a certain number of foods. Potato and banana peels, for example, might create blockages in your unit.

Many homeowners are tempted to just throw food into garbage and flush. This, however, can cause major problems with plumbing in the future and damage to your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals can get broken easily, although you can fix it yourself, if you do not have the skills or the tools to fix these problems; the problem could get bigger. Instead of taking the chance of fixing it yourself, save yourself time, money, and hassle by hiring a professional garbage disposal repair service.

In addition to fixing the problem, we will also provide you with an in-depth explanation of how your disposal system works so that you can avoid future issues. To reduce the likelihood of a blockage, run water through the disposal while it is running. Also, be aware of the products that might clog up your trash disposal and avoid them at all costs. Grease, bones, eggshells, and vegetables with rough or fibrous skins are a few examples. Keep them out of the drain!

Clogs and motor burnout might occur if you don’t pay attention to what causes your trash disposal to malfunction.

When you invest in a good garbage disposal, you are putting your money not only on the item itself but also on the service that comes with it. That is why it is important to get services from a garbage disposal repair service in Bethesda MD that you can trust.

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Garbage Disposal Experts.

Other Major Reasons why you would need a Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation would be:

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What We at Trusted Home Experts Can Do For Your Garbage Disposal Problems.

We got you covered from Garbage Disposal Repair, Garbage Disposal Installation, and Emergency Garbage Disposal Service in Bethesda MD.

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Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance Bethesda MD.

With our Garbage Disposal Repair Bethesda MD process, your unit will be in tip-top shape in no time. If you want your Garbage Disposal Unit to be as powerful as possible, then Garbage Disposal Maintenance is for you. You also don’t have to worry about bad smells from garbage anymore with Garbage Disposal Maintenance and drain cleaning process.

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Garbage Disposal Installation Bethesda MD.

With a new Garbage Disposal Replacement, you can expect there will be no need to worry about messy smells or drainage issues. Garbage Disposal Maintenance.

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Emergency Garbage Disposal Service Bethesda MD.

We’re a 24/7 – 7 Days a Week Fully operational emergency garbage disposal service business, and with a professional Garbage Disposal Repair team in your town, you never have to worry about waiting long to get your disposal system fixed.

Types of Garbage Disposal Repair We Provide.

Trusted Home Experts Garbage Disposal Service - Types of Garbage Disposal Units We Service

Continuous-Feed Models.

Because you can drop food scraps into these trash disposals while they’re running, they’re the most convenient to use. Because they are the most prevalent, there are more variations available, including ones that are more affordable.

Batch-Feed Models.

Once the disposal is operating, scraps are inserted one at a time into the machine, and a stopper is placed over the drain entrance to turn it on. Because it only works when the drain is covered, this design is safer for workers.

Areas We Service:

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Brands We Service:

Trusted Home Experts work with all major brands for all our garbage disposal repair and appliance installation services.

  • Everbilt Garbage Disposal
  • InSinkErator Garbage Disposal
  • KitchenAid Garbage Disposal
  • Moen Garbage Disposal
  • Waste King Garbage Disposal
  • WasteMaid Garbage Disposal
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From best pricing, best reviews, best values, and best service, we at Trusted Home Experts provide the customers with the best reasons to love us!

Old Units Repair and Maintenance.

It doesn't matter if your Garbage Disposal units are old, with our repair and maintenance as a Bethesda MD Plumbing service, we can make it good as new.

New units & installation.

Whether you're replacing a new Garbage Disposal system you have or upgrading your home in Bethesda MD with a new feature, we can help.


Give your Garbage Disposal Systems some Love and our team in Bethesda MD will help them run as well as new.

Flexible Scheduling.

You can book, change or cancel your Garbage Disposal repair appointment at any time online or over the phone with our scheduled service.

Appointment Updates.

We'll update you about your Garbage Disposal Service appointment via text, email or phone whichever you prefer.

Protection Plans.

Protect all your home's Garbage Disposal systems in Bethesda MD. Ask your tech how you can save with a Home Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Disposal Problems.

It’s time to get a new garbage disposal if you notice any of the following:

  • Sometimes, it becomes clogged (either the blades are getting dull or you need a larger disposal),
  • The RESET button must be repeatedly pressed,
  • Food grinds more slowly and more slowly,
  • Leaking from the unit,
  • The machine is producing a lot of noise.

Garbage Disposal Repair:

Depending on what is needed to make the clogged garbage disposal operable again on average a repair will cost between $190 – $200 USD.

Garbage Disposal Installation:

To remove the old unit and to install a new one without making any plumbing modifications, the average install price will be between $250 – $300 USD.

It depends. Depending on the initial setup of the garbage disposal you have, we may need to readjust it for space or we can get a different unit so the two can fit together.

If it’s been more than a decade since you last renovated or installed a trash disposal, you should seriously consider replacing it. After around ten years, most garbage disposals begin to clog more often.

Installing a garbage disposal is the responsibility of a plumber or handyman. As for electrical work, you’ll need to hire an electrician for this. With Trusted Home Experts, we do all of this for you.

Never use hot water in your garbage disposal; always use cold.

Cold water, while we’re on the subject, is best for running your disposal since it keeps fats congealed and solid. By doing so, the fat particles are broken up and thrown down the toilet.